Why can’t I find a patient?

There are a few reasons why you may be unable to find a patient. Below we’ll break down some of the possibilities:


Incorrect input or data

Depending on your search method, it’s possible your input contains a typo or the patient’s SHIIP information is incorrect. If you are attempting to search by first name / last name, please double check your spelling. Sometimes, a patient’s name may be hyphenated or contain an apostrophe. This can sometimes be misrepresented in SHIIP’s patient data.

The most dependable search method is to input a patient’s ten digit health card number (do not include the version code). This will search through SHIIP’s entire patient database.


The patient you are searching for has no relationship to your organization

SHIIP tries it’s best to associate patients to your organization. If a patient’s primary care provider is incorrect or outdated, it’s possible they are not being included on your organization’s Practice List. If SHIIP is unaware of any visits that your patient has made to your organization, it will also be unable to associate the patient.

Luckily, you can perform a global search. This will search through the entire SHIIP patient database regardless of any associations the patient has to your organization. To perform a global search, use SHIIP’s Quick Search (located in the top-right corner of any SHIIP page) to do any of the following:

  • Enter a full ten digit health card number (exclude a version code if you have it)
  • Enter a full SHIIP patient ID
  • Click on the arrow dropdown next to the text input and enter the patient’s first name, last name, and date of birth.


The patient you are searching for does not exist in SHIIP (yet)

SHIIP relies on it’s data integrations to create patient profiles. If a patient has not:

  • Visited an acute care facility in the region
  • Received community support services in the region
  • Received addictions & mental health services in the region
  • Received home & community care services in the region
  • Been manually created by another SHIIP users

Then you will either need to wait until SHIIP receives data for that patient, or you will need to manually create a patient profile. If you have permission to do so, you may click on the ‘Manage’ navigation bar option and click ‘Create new patient’.

Create Patient Menu Option

Create Patient Menu Option

Create Patient Page

Create Patient Page







Still can’t find or unable to create?

If you can not find a patient and are unable to create a profile for them, please contact us.

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