Upcoming Releases

Version 5.1.0 – Updates based on 5.0.0 feedback, bug fixes, minor improvements. (subject to change)

Version 5.2.0 – New features such as the ability to share patient lists with colleagues, bug fixes. (subject to change)


What’s on the Radar?

SHIIP & Business Intelligence

The SHIIP team has started working on integrating SHIIP’s data set with a business intelligence tool. This will help inform decision making for a variety of organizations.

Integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) / Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

Connecting SHIIP to tools like EMRs / HISs will provide users with a simplified workflow. Additionally, it allows SHIIP to access a very rich data set to improve data quality.

Patient Inclusion

A very frequent request that we receive is to allow patients to sign in and view their own SHIIP data. While definitely possible, this is a very large piece of work and the team continues to discuss & plan accordingly.

Patient Journey Chart

Showing SHIIP users a holistic view of a patient’s journey through our health care system is our number one goal. To do this more effectively, we’d like to transition some of the information we show into a more effective visual experience. A journey chart would give us an easy-to-understand way of showing where a patient started, where they are now, and even where they could be in the future.


If you have any questions about the future of SHIIP, please reach out using the Contact Us form.