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Clinical Support

Welcome to SHIIP’s Clinical Support Page

If you are unable to find the right help using this page, please reach out to us using the Contact Us page.

Quick Help

If you are using SHIIP and require assistance with a specific task or feature, try using the search button in the top right. Enter in a keyword to display appropriate results (i.e. ‘Patient Lists’). A full list is also available in the sidebar.

Can’t find the answer?

If you are having trouble finding the right answers, please reach out to us via the contact form. We’re always happy to assist!

Technical Support

Have you noticed a problem with SHIIP?

  • Information displayed is incorrect
  • Elements of a SHIIP page are not displaying correctly
  • You can not find one (or more) of your patients

You can either email us directly at or use the Contact Us form to report the problem. Please be as descriptive as possible, but do not include any personal health information.