SHIIP v5.3.1 Release Notes


  • This document summarizes the updates included in a major release for SHIIP.
  • This release focuses on minor fixes & improvements for our v5.3.0 release.
  • This release is scheduled to be available for use on November 9th, 2020.


Major Improvements

  • Added new ‘mHOMR Threshold’ filter to the Advanced Search page. This is currently only available to select users.
  • Improved the design of several Coordinated Care Plan pages when viewed on a device with a small resolution. (mobile phones, tablets, etc.)
  • Applied a consistent and easier-to-read date/time format throughout the system.


Major Fixes

  • Fixed a paging error on the Acute Care Details page that would not display the correct information.
  • Fixed a discharge date error on the Acute Care Details page.
  • Fixed an issue where the Addictions & Mental Health program history modal would sometimes display the incorrect program status.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting ‘All Patient Lists’ on the patient population drop-down would display an error.
SHIIP v5.4.0 Release Notes
SHIIP v5.3.0 Release Notes
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