SHIIP v5.3.0 Release Notes


  • This document summarizes the updates included in a major release for SHIIP.
  • This release focuses on adding a variety of features related to user support and a redesigned Addictions & Mental Health page.
  • This release is scheduled to be available for use on October 7th, 2020.


Major Improvements

  • The Addictions & Mental Health page within the Patient Profile has been redesigned to better support the workflow of users in that sector.
  • Added a variety of features that will assist our support team with user issues; including improved user verification via multiple secure methods.
  • Users can now search for patients that have or do not have a primary care provider by using the ‘Unattached’ advanced search filter.
  • Added a new ‘Password Reset’ feature that can be triggered by support staff and will allow users to reset their password.
  • A patient search filter has been added to the Consent Directives page and will allow users to filter by name, health card number, or patient ID.
  • Advanced search filters have been added to the global patient population. This feature will be restricted to a small subset of users but may expand in the future.
  • SHIIP has integrated with a service that allows it to send SMS text messages to users with verified mobile phone numbers.
  • The following CCP pages now allow re-ordering of entries: Care Team, Care Consent & ACP, Health, Goals & Action Plan, Allergies, Medications, and Health Assessments.


Minor Changes / Fixes

  • Admission and discharge times on the Home page, Dashboards, and Acute Care Details within the patient profile will now display the time (instead of just the date).
  • The Community Support Services page within the Patient Profile now displays count totals for each data section (core services, events, case notes).
  • Each Advanced Search Filter now has a corresponding permission, allowing SHIIP to enable/disable filters for certain users.
  • The email that users receive when logging in with a new browser/device has been updated to be more descriptive.
  • The Patient List search bar has been modified to be more consistent with other search methods.
  • Users will now receive a notification when another user accepts or rejects a Patient List share.
  • Users will no longer get notified when performing an update to a Coordinated Care Plan.
  • Users can now filter by equipment or supplies on the Home & Community Care page.
  • Website ‘bread crumbs’ have been added to every page, allowing easier navigation.
  • The Audit Tool reports will now display the user’s city based on IP address.
  • Users will now be notified when their account is close to it’s expiry date.
  • The ‘Print CCP’ feature has been modified to improve intuitiveness.
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