SHIIP v4.0.0 Release Notes


  • This document summarizes the updates included in a major release for SHIIP.
  • This release focuses on a new data integration with Home & Community Care, quality of life improvements to Notifications, and updates to the Health Links dashboard and the Acute Care Details page.

Major Fixes

  • Some metrics on the Acute Care Dashboard have been modified for accuracy. This includes; Discharge to Home With Care Supports, Discharge to Home Without Care Supports, and Admitted as Acute Care Inpatient.
  • The ‘Provider Group’ dropdown filter will now work as intended when a CSS or AMH site is selected.
  • Creating a new patient now automatically populates the gender and address within the Coordinated Care Plan (CCP).
  • The Referring Organization / Referral Location fields now show correctly when viewing a CCP revision.
  • The Notifications dropdown no longer loads all unread notifications which would result in slower page loads for some users.
  • Broken links to the SHIIP support website within email notifications have been fixed.
  • Added a warning on the ‘Manage Notification Settings’ page when a user with access to a large number of patients turns on global notifications.

Major Improvements

  • A new Home Care tab is now available on patient profiles (currently for users within authorized user groups in the south east region only). This includes data from Home & Community Care sources, similar to our Community Support Services and Addictions & Mental Health tabs.
  • With this new Home Care data integration, patient profiles now include three additional status badges; the first indicates if a patient has an active home care referral, the second indicates if a Long Term Care Application is currently active, and the third ndicates of the patient is receiving End of Life Care.
  • The Health Links dashboard now allows users to run the report on patients that are outside of the LHIN’s geography.
  • The Notifications dropdown has been redesigned for improved usability.
  • The Acute Care Details tab within the patient profile has been redesigned for improved loading times.
  • The Notifications Centre has been renamed to the Notifications page. It has also been redesigned for improved usability.
  • A button has been added to the Manage Notifications page that allows users to send a test notification to themselves. Additionally, administrators can send a test email via the Other Actions menu when viewing or editing a user profile.
  • The Manage Access Groups page has been redesigned for improved usability.
  • Added a new permission that allows some users to search for & view any patient in the system.
  • Added additional buttons throughout the CCP for improved usability when adding new medications, support plans, etc.


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