SHIIP v3.9.2 Release Notes


  • This document summarizes the updates included in a hotfix release for SHIIP.
  • This release focuses fixing performance issues notices by many users of the tool. Users should noticed much quicker loading times for recent patient activity, patient searches, dashboards, and the patient profile.

Major Fixes

  • Active user patient rosters are now cached every morning. Prior to this update, SHIIP would dynamically determine which patients a user could access on nearly every SHIIP feature. This resulted in a significant amount of processing power required for users with access to many patients, and would often slow down the system for other users.
  • If an inactive user signs in, SHIIP will dynamically perform this caching activity. Their accessible patients list will then update the next morning along with other active users. Users can expect this to take between one and fifteen seconds on their first sign in, depending on their assigned providers / sites.
  • With this update, users can expect most SHIIP features to be significantly more responsive. This includes searching for a patient, viewing recent patient activity, loading a dashboard, and viewing a patient profile.
  • SHIIP has been re-named to the Shared Health Integrated Information Portal.


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SHIIP v3.9.0 Release Notes
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