SHIIP v3.9.0 Release Notes


  • This document summarizes the new features, changes, and major fixes for the next release version of SHIIP.
  • SHIIP is scheduled to be upgraded to version 3.9.0 and available for use on March 18th 2019.
  • This release focuses on the addition of Health Links Indicator #5 to the Health Links Dashboard as well as various performance improvements & bug fixes.
  • Below communicates the most notable changes and improvements. For a detailed list that includes the technical details, please email us at
  • Note: With the addition of Health Links Indicator #5, users will need to update their assigned Coordinated Care Plans (CCPs) with the respective referring organization information. Without this information being completed, Indicator #5 will not include that CCP in it’s calculations.

Major Fixes

  • The Acute Care Details page should once again sort episodes by their admission time in descending order.
  • The Patient Search page results table now shows the Health Link column (which is available as a filter).
  • The My Care Team CCP page will now longer display an error if a user enters text into the Date of Attachment field.
  • The Patient Profile no longer reloads after modifying a patient’s Watch List assignments.

Major Improvements

  • Added Health Links Indicator #5 to the Health Links dashboard.
  • To support Health Links Indicator #5, the CCP Information page has been updated to allow users to select referring organizations and referral locations (such as the referring Health Link). See the first image below for an example of the changes.
  • Referring organizations are now linked with their serviced Health Links / Sub Regions / LHINs.
  • Health Card Numbers and Primary Care Providers are now listed on the Health Links dashboard drilldowns.
  • Improved auditing information for the Health Links dashboard.
  • SHIIP’s session reset functionality has been improved to allow for users to stay signed in when they’ve had recent SHIIP activity, as well as ensuring that users are signed out after twenty minutes of inactivity (we define activity as moving your mouse or hitting a keyboard button).
  • Improved performance for grabbing a user’s notifications by removing unnecessary data requests and improving code efficiency.

Image Examples

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