SHIIP v3.7.1 Release Notes


  • This document summarizes the new features, changes, and major fixes for the next release version of SHIIP.
  • SHIIP is scheduled to be upgraded to version 3.7.1 and available for use on November 13th 2018.
  • This release focuses on fixes for the recent major 3.7.1 release.
  • Below communicates the most notable changes and improvements. For a detailed list that includes the technical details, please email us at

Major Fixes

  • Many fixes to administration-related functions within SHIIP.
    • Login/Expiry/Created dates will now show the correct date.
    • Attempting to create a duplicate user will now be more user-friendly.
    • The ‘Other Actions’ menu will now appear when editing and viewing a user profile.
    • Selecting Health Links/Sub Regions for an Organization will now work in Internet Explorer
    • Users viewing their user profile will no longer see permission errors.
    • Searching for a user via ‘Manage Users’ and pressing the ‘Enter’ key will no longer reload the page.
    • Other minor issues.
  • Creating a new patient will no longer display an error when the patient’s profile already exists within SHIIP.
  • ‘Nunavut’ has been added to the list of provinces on the Identifiers CCP page.
  • Coordinated Care Plans will no longer display a print error when some pages haven’t been reviewed.
  • The ‘In Hospital’ badge should now display appropriately.
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