SHIIP v3.3.0 Release Notes


  • This document summarizes the new features, changes, and major fixes for the next release version of SHIIP.
  • SHIIP is scheduled to be upgraded to version 3.3.0 and available for use on December 4th 2017.
  • Below communicates the most notable changes and improvements. For a detailed list that includes the technical details, please email us at
  • This release focuses on a new check-out / check-in system for the Coordinated Care Plan (CCP), as well as complete revision history for the CCP and an improved Watch List management interface.

New Enhancements and Features

  • CCP pages within SHIIP can now be locked for editing via a new check-in / check-out system.
    • While the page is checked-out, no other SHIIP user can edit that CCP page.
    • Other users visiting a checked-out CCP page will see who has locked the page.
    • When you check-out a CCP page, drafts are saved when you make changes. This allows you to leave the page and return without losing your changes.
    • If you check-out a CCP page and leave without checking-in, the page will be unlocked after 30 minutes and your changes will be lost.
    • You can check-out / check-in a CCP page by clicking the check-out / check-in toggle button at the bottom of any CCP page.
  • Complete revision history has been added to CCPs in SHIIP.
    • All CCP updates log the user making the update as well as the time and the old / new values.
    • You can access a CCP’s revision history by navigating to the bottom of any CCP page and clicking the ‘View Revisions’ button.
  • The ‘Help’ button now opens the SHIIP Knowledge Centre in a new browser tab. In an upcoming minor release, the Knowledge Centre will be completely overhauled to provide better support to prospective and current SHIIP users.
  • A consent directive user interface has been added for privacy roles within SHIIP. This page will allow those users to lock and unlock patient records as necessary.
  • The Watch List Management area has been updated.
    • Users can now bulk-add patients to a Watch List via the ‘Manage Patients’ tab.
    • Creating / updating a Watch List now opens in it’s own page, not a pop-up window.
    • Users can now choose if they want a Watch List to automatically populate based on acute care activity.

Major Fixes

  • Using the ‘Next’ button in a CCP will now properly work past the ‘My Allergies’ page.
  • The Care Coordination dashboard will now show accurate values.
  • A permanent loading indicator will no longer appear for users that do not have any notifications.
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