SHIIP v3.1.0 Release Notes


  • This document summarizes the new features, changes, and major fixes for the next release version of SHIIP.
  • SHIIP is scheduled to be upgraded to version 3.1.0 and available for use on August 15th, 2017.
  • Below communicates the most notable changes and improvements. For a detailed list that includes the technical details, please email us at
  • This release focuses on improved security and administrator functionality.

New Enhancements and Features

  • User passwords are now secured by a stronger level of encryption.
  • Administrators can now force a password reset for users.
  • Passwords now have a complexity requirement. These requirements are listed when updating your password.
  • Users can now ‘Select All’ when managing notifications for more than one patient.
  • Accounts are now locked if a user fails to sign in more than ten times. An administrator has the ability to unlock the account.
  • The Community Support Services tab has been updated, case notes now show in a collapsible table.
  • Patient fetching algorithms have been updated for improved performance.
  • There is now a ‘Clear All’ button for notifications.
  • Watch List descriptions now display the actual input description; opposed to a breakdown of each filter on the list.

Major Fixes

  • Customer support accounts are now able to see the Expiry Date field on user profiles.
  • The Complex Override modal should now appear when on all Patient Profile tabs.
  • Users assigned to a site with a ‘Hospital’ link type should now be able to open Patient Profiles.
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