SHIIP v2.1.0 Release Notes


  • This document summarizes the new features, changes, and major fixes for the next release version of SHIIP.
  • SHIIP is scheduled to be upgraded to version 2.1.0 and available for use on December 12th, 2016.
  • Below communicates the most notable changes and improvements. For a detailed list that includes the technical details, please see contact information below.

New Enhancements and Features

  • You can now manage your watchlists by clicking on the settings icon and clicking ‘Manage Watchlists’
  • Users can now create custom watchlists that automatically populate based on the following optional criteria:
    • Patient’s Location
    • Patient’s diagnosis codes
    • Patient’s HARP / LACE scores
    • Patient’s complexity
  • Various performance improvements, notably in the Dashboards.
  • Consistent loading indicators have been added to improve user experience.
  • An ‘Organization’ and ‘Location’ field have been added to the user profile.
  • The ‘Count’ column in the Acute Care dashboard has been split between encounters and patients.
  • SHIIP’s new ticket support feature is now accessible on all pages.
  • The SHIIP Help page / Knowledge Centre has been redesigned for an improved user experience. Helpful content will be increasingly available over the next few months.
  • An initial testing framework has been implemented & will be regularly improved. This should significantly reduce the number of user-experienced glitches in future releases.

Major Fixes

  • When creating a CCP for a new patient, ‘Date Of Birth’ should no longer populate with an incorrect date.
  • Users visiting a patient’s Risk Profile should no longer see a “Page Unresponsive” dialog on occasion.
  • Sorting and search preferences in All Patients will now remain during the user’s session.
  • The ‘Change Password’ option will now work for users in Internet Explorer 9.
  • Fixed an issue where ED visits for some patients would be overwritten.
  • All SHIIP users should now receive alert notifications.
  • Watch List will no longer accept blank entries.
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