How do I update notification settings on a Patient List?

Step one: navigate to the ‘My Patients’ page

In SHIIP’s main navigation bar, click on the ‘My Patients’ button. This will open a page that contains your organization’s practice list and your patient lists.

Step two: click on the notification bell to view your notification settings

The notification bell acts as both an indicator (it will be green if notifications are enabled) and a shortcut to view your notification settings. Alternatively, you may open your patient list by clicking on it’s name and clicking on the ‘Notifications’ tab.

Patient List Notifications

Patient List Notifications

Step three: enable notifications and choose when you would like to be notified

Ensure that the enable notifications toggle button is set to a green ‘Yes’. Once notifications are enabled, additional notification options are shown.

First, check off ‘Notification through email’ if you would like to receive email notifications. Otherwise, your notifications will only be viewable while using SHIIP.

Next, select when you would like to be notified.

Notification Options

Notification Options

Step four: save your settings

Once your settings are saved, you should begin receiving notifications depending on when you chose to be notified.

How do I update notification settings on a Practice List?
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