How do I update a patient’s status?

Step one: navigate to a patient’s profile

You can open a patient’s profile by searching for them in the top-right corner of any SHIIP page.


Step two: click on the ‘Patient Status’ button

The ‘Patient Status’ button is on the right side of the page. Clicking it will show a dropdown that includes the statuses that you have permission to update.


Step three: click on the status that you would like to update

After clicking ‘Patient Status’, there are three options that may be listed (depending on your account’s permissions):

  • Vital Status – you can change if the patient is alive or deceased.
  • Complex – you can update the patient’s complex conditions and complex status.
  • End of Life Care – you can indicate if the patient is currently receiving or not receiving end of life care.

Click whichever option/status you would like to update and follow the on-screen instructions.

Update Patient Status

Update Patient Status

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