How do I share a Patient List?

Step one: Navigate to the ‘My Patients’ page

All of your Patient Lists can be managed on the ‘My Patients’ page. You can navigate to it by using the top navigation bar:

My Patients



Step two: Click on the share icon for your Patient List

The share button is identified below. Note: if you have already shared the list, it will be highlighted in green.

Share Button



Step three: Select a user to share with, their permission level, and click ‘Share’

First, you’ll select another user in your organization to share the list with. Second, you will select a permission level for them. The ‘View only’ permission allows the receiver to view your list and the patients on it. The ‘View and edit’ permission allows the receiver to view and modify your patient list’s patients (they will not be able to change the name/description of your list).

Share Options



Step four: Your list has been shared.

The receiver will receive a notification and they can either accept or refuse the list, as shown below:

Pending Share

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