Practice Lists

Patients associated to your organization at the click of a button

If enabled, a practice list is automatically generated for your organization. A practice list includes patients that:

  • Are receiving primary care from any of your organization’s assigned regulated health professionals (physicians, nurse practitioners). SHIIP is aware of a patient’s primary care provider thanks to it’s integrations with a variety of acute care facilities. A patient’s primary care provider is generally reported at the time of admission.
  • Have visited a health care site that is assigned to your organization. This can include hospitals, community support services, addictions & mental health agencies, and home & community care agencies.


What can be done with a practice list?

Practice lists are a subset of patients that have a relationship with your organizations. They can be used for quicker access to patient profiles, and quicker results when viewing patient activity and dashboards. A practice list also enables you to run advanced searches on it’s patients, allowing you to find patients eligible for a Coordinated Care Plan (CCP), patients that have been active at a health care site in the past week, etc. The available filters provide a great deal of flexibility so that you can find exactly who you are looking for.


Managing a practice list

Some users, typically those at a management level, are able to manage their organization’s practice list. This allows them to manually add or remove practice lists. Patient entries on a practice list have one of the following statuses:

  • Automatically added by SHIIP (based on an organization’s assigned health care professionals and sites)
  • Manually added/confirmed (confirms that the patient has a relationship to an organization)
  • Manually removed by a SHIIP user (can be automatically added back by SHIIP)
  • Excluded (will not be automatically re-added by SHIIP)


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