The SHIIP Home Page

Your entry point into information received from a variety of health care sectors

SHIIP’s data set is continuously growing. In 2015, the tool was receiving data from acute care facilities throughout the South East LHIN region. Since then, we’ve added the following integrations:

  • CHRIS, which supplies SHIIP with data information relating to Home & Community Care services throughout the South East LHIN region. (2019)
  • NesdaTrak, which supplies SHIIP with data from Community Support Service organizations throughout the South East LHIN region. (2017)
  • EMHware, which supplies SHIIP with data from Addictions & Mental Health organizations throughout the South East LHIN region. (2017)

What can you do with this information? Navigate through the tool using the top navigation bar. Create coordinated care plans, view dashboards for an insight into how your roster is being cared for, generate lists of patients that you can use to keep better track of certain cohorts, or use the advanced search page to identify at-risk patients or clients.


A quick, real-time glance at the most recent activity from your patients/clients

The SHIIP home page provides some users with an overview of recent patient activity. This activity can be filtered by the following:

  • Patients on your organization’s Practice List. This list is generated automatically by SHIIP based on your organization’s assigned health care providers. Some users in your organization may also be able to manually manage this list.
  • Patients on any of your defined Patient Lists. These lists are custom to you and the organization you are working for. You can create/update patient lists by visiting the My Patients page.
  • Patients that are included in the results of any of your Saved Searches. You can create a Saved Search from the Advanced Search page. Results from a Saved Search are dynamic and may change from day to day.
  • Activity within a pre-defined time range; one day, three days, or seven days.

Currently, this activity is based on data received (in real-time) from acute care facilities.  Only users with a valid permission set may view this module.


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